At Kundahl Kompanies, Inc. we feel that strike indicators are a NECESSITY not an Accessory for Flyfishing. 
Developed by and for those of us "over 30", See It! Strike Indicators' goal is to provide flyfishermen 
(and women) the highest quality strike indicator possible. 

Our mantra, "You Can't Catch What You Can't See" first hit my ears in the late eighties.  I struggled all morning while one of New Zealand's premiere guides showed the way.  At lunch  he firmly requested that I use a strike indicator.  An expensive morning of casting and cursing was replaced with a brilliant afternoon of catching, releasing and enjoying life on a wonderful trout stream.  

Thanks Tony.  That one "suggestion" sent me on a frustrating journey searching for that one strike indicator that would be, for me, a keeper.  I tried everything.  Foam strike indicators (streamside garbage), balsa stike indicators, feather strike indicators, plastic strike indicators, colored tube strike indicators, a big dry fly as an stike indicator and yes, even yarn indicators.  Knitting yarn strike indicators, Egg pattern yarn strike indicators,  any yarn I could find I made a strike indicator out of it and went to the stream.   

NONE OF THEM FIT THE BILL.  All the while, it was getting harder and harder to see the strike, days of catching and releasing were again replaced with casting and cursing.  Getting away and spending time on a tranquil trout stream is soothing and enjoyable, but most people who go fly fishing do so to catch fish. 

If the catching wasn't important, why do you need to spend close to $1,000 for a rod and reel, not to mention the cost of lines, leaders, tippets, flies, enough already.  This is why I say that a quality strike indicator is a Necessity not an Accessory. The fact is that you can (and will) catch more fish with a strike indicator than without one.  Especially if you are "over 30".

FINALLY, it dawned on me.  Do it yourself.  The right strike indicator for me (and you?) was a NECESSITY not an Accessory.  So I did.  I searched high and low, long and far.  I found it. Yes, it was yarn (didn't I try that and toss it?).  No, not that one piece ordinary yarn though, it was braided yarn that finally did the trick for me.  

The consensus amoung fly fishermen (and women) is that yarn floats extremely well.  They are right!  But not all yarn is created equal, braided yarn has many advantages.  Being a bit of a perfectionist required one additional step.  I treated the braided yarn with Keith's Secret Sauce, specially formulated to make the yarn more water repellent .  It worked!    So, like Johnny Appleseed, I started giving strike indicators to my fishing partners.  I really had no choice, it was that or walk home. 

Then came the scary part, REAL LIVE FIELD TESTING.  I felt that if See It! Strike Indicators were to be a success, they would have to stand up to the requirements of men and women who make their living flyfishing, sorry, no NBA Allstars as the product spokesperson here. 

PROFESSIONAL GUIDES (if you have never availed yourself of a guide, give yourself a real treat, hire one).              I shared my strike indicators with the guides that I would hire on flyfishing trips, their friends and their competition.  I would give them free strike indicators, they would tell me what they thought, give me new ideas for colors for colorblind anglers, request increased buoyancy for a longer drag free float, different sizes, etc.  The feedback  received was that over 90% were extremely pleased with how they performed and continue to this day to use them with their customers.  

Our braided yarn material is now custom made to our specifications.  We have over a dozen, (14 at last count) available in the See It! CLASSIC and are completing final testing on another six (WOW 20 Colors!) which should turn out to be a real winners.

By popular demand, we will be introducing a ready made indicator (feedback from the guides and shop owners was that some folks were either in a big hurry or had trouble tying slip knots.  Hey, some orthopaedic surgeons can't tie arthroscopic knots, so now they have "knotless anchors" for surgery) the See It! Kno Knot.  These should be available to customers in early 2001.  If your favorite shop doesn't have them, tell them to give us a call or e-mail us and we will find a dealer near you.

After extensive field testing (guide tested & proven) of not only See It! Strike Indicators but also side by side comparisons with the other strike indicators, we have decided to take the product to market as they say in the business world.


See It! Strike Indicators, a division of Kundahl Kompanies, Inc. is now ready for business.

We have extensively tested and proven the product worthy of your purchase and use.
See It! Strike Indicators have provided me, my friends, co-workers and field testers more delightful days of flyfishing than I can count.

We have diligently submitted massive amounts of paperwork to and jumped through numberous hoops for the fine ladies and gentlemen at the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, and have received our LETTER OF REGISTRATION, which was the last piece of the puzzle that needed to fall into place.  (You didn't know that all manufacturers of sportfishing equipment must have this "letter", a special ID # and pay a 10% federal excise tax?  Now you do). 

Once available only to a select list of fly fishing guides, my close friends and fishing partners, now you too, can own, use and re-use See It! Strike Indicators. a high quality, low cost, braided yarn strike indicator, pretreated for improved buoyancy and durability.

USE THE BEST  See It! Strike Indicators
REQUEST THE BEST    See It! Strike Indicators
STOCK THE BEST         See It! Strike Indicators

Next time you are in the fly shop, pick up a pack of See It! Strike Indicators and give them a try, you won't regret it.

I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your comments after you have had an opportunity to use and enjoy better "catching" because of our products.

If you are a hard working Sales Representative lookiong for new and exciting products
please check our JOBS page then drop us a note or give us a call.


Keith Kundahl, Chairman of the Board



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